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Forever Rings, Forever Love.

Discover your dream engagement & wedding rings.

Bespoke engagement and wedding rings crafted with lab diamonds and moissanites for the modern bride.

Audrey + Freya uses ethically sourced precious metals, lab diamonds and moissanites to create timeless pieces built for everyday wear. Using sustainable materials, we set out to bring you elegant designs without the need to compromise on affordability or quality.

Engagement and wedding rings designed in Brisbane, Australia

Audrey + Freya was founded on the belief that the last thing holding you back from asking the all-important question should be dollars and cents.

We work with ethically sourced lab diamonds and moissanites to create high-quality but affordable engagement rings so you don’t have to wait to ask your loved one to be yours forever.

Shop our most loved pieces or work with our team to customise our designs into your dream piece.